Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Voice

A couple live in a 44 unit apartment building in Washington DC.
They have lived there 4 years living there without a car commuting
by train back and forth to work everyday.  Both them arrive one Thursday
a nice breeze blowing through their apartment overlooking
Rock Creek Park.  Their cat sits in the windowsill watching the
birds and squirrels doing busy with tail his whipping as watches them.
They come home and crash on the couch snacking after a long day
the husband hunting for some info on the computer the wife reading
until they stop because they both hear a voice.  An operatic voice.
A woman's voice. Sometimes clear and loud at other times it seems far away.  
They smile at each other and continue searching and flipping pages
one ear on the voice.  But the voice returns the next day and the next.
This continues for weeks.  They look out the window and try to figure out
where the voice is coming from.  Who the voice belongs to.  They walk out
into the woods and discover a small homeless camp and think maybe the
woman is living there.  She sings in the forest to the trees but she is not there
and is never seen by either of them.  Only the signs of the encampment
a sleeping bag and remnants from other homeless people who crashed there in the past.
But the voice keeps returning day after day.  After one particular day
the wife comes home tired and takes a nap and soon after the voice returns
in a clear and nearby tone so the husband decides to record it
by placing the device on the ledge and lets it run. She sings beautifully
and the husband is happy.  He captured the ghost.  It's nearing Halloween
and both have kidded around with each other entertaining the idea
that it's not another tenant or the lady of the woods it's actually a spirit
and they are the only ones that can hear her.  The next day the wife
runs off to work a kiss out the door and she's gone.  He never shared with her
that he had recorded the voice because he stayed up late and she bounced out so fast.
The husband has the holiday offand being an amateur musician takes the recording
and uploads into the music making program enhancing the sound along the way.
He repeats the track 4 times to boost the sound and makes it into a quality audio file.
He gets the idea to set up the speakers in the window and play it out to the woods
but he summons the spirit of the siren and she comes for him.  He doesn't even have time
to slam the window shut and the creature like a praying mantis takes him out
through the window to her hidden lair.  The wife gets home and screams loud.
The window and screen are shattered.  The speakers are lying on the floor amidst the chaos.
She quickly covers her mouth looking around is the intruder still in the house?
All alone she walks over the window.  What has happened here? Where's my husband?
She walks over to the computer crunching broken glass, reaches out pushes play.

Sunday, October 1, 2017


The predecessors
Go way back
Paved the way
And left the door cracked
The predecessors
Go way back
Paved the way
And left the door cracked
When an old person dies
A library burns
Listen to the stories
Remember lessons learned
The predcessors
Go way back
Paved the way
And left the door cracked

Monday, September 25, 2017


System On
If Yes Then Go
If No Control
Indicator Lights
Red Digital Dots
Blinking Eyes Reveal
Information High
Overstand Situation
Total Color Saturation
Ways Of Interpretation
Lead Towards Lanes
Along Superhighway Mind
What Will We Find
Come On Climb Inside
Neural Networks
Processing Perks
Get To Be Guru
Electronic Voodoo
Flow With Wolf
Roll With Truth
Raise The Roof
Solve Problems
Don't Compound Them
Don't Make Magicians
I Confound Them
Don't Make Pavements
I Pound Them
Plant Seeds In The Cracks
Walk Thru Concrete
Contract Contracts
Wearing Clear Contacts
Climbing Up On The Stacks
Spiral Staircases
Steeple Chases
Mind Erasers


Standing Under
The Waterfalls
Molecules Moving
Everything Is Energy
Sequenced Simultaneously
Eclipse + Syzygy
Lips + Teeth
Kiss + Smile
Liar + Thief
Elderly + Infantile
Can't Click With This
Cars Flipped Hit Bricks
Crashed Hard
Bent Bars
Near Miss Bliss
So Slick So Sick
Holes In The Floor
Fell Thru
Burnt Blue
Stayed True
Strayed Away
When I Wished
I Would Have Stayed
Days Fade

Sunday, September 17, 2017


From a dream
Things are not what they seem
Taking our chances
On the wing


New ways to be free
Climbin' up
to the top
Of the tallest tree
Shakin' up
Taking our chances
Ride the wind


Fantasy and Make-Believe
Imagination becomes reality
Thoughts are swarming
Clouds are forming
What do you perceive?


Monday, August 21, 2017

Free Shrugs

Shrug my shoulders
Wondering why
All these people
Gotta be so unkind
What they think
They got to gain
Hurtin' everybody
Causin' so much pain
Selfish & stupid
Careless & cruel
Lookin' like leaders
Actin' like fools

Sunday, May 21, 2017


I saw him lyin'
face down
face down
on the ground
people starin'
just standin' around
makin' makin'
nobody makin'
a sound (low)
i saw him lyin'
face down
face down
on the ground

saw him lyin'
lyin' in a pool of blood
the faces
the faces said
he wasn't ever
gettin' up
yeah the faces
they all said
he was done

and i wondered
who do this
to their brother
and i wondered
who was gonna
tell his mother

he was shot down
shot down
on the street
yeah he was shot down
shot down
for the shoes
on his feet

his maker
yeah his maker
he did meet
for the shoes
for the shoes
shoes on his feet

yeah they did it
for kicks
they didn't give
a shit
yeah they said
fuck it
when he
kicked the bucket

i see them
hanging around
i see them
hanging around
the town
i see them
hanging down
i see them
hanging down

up on the wire
feelin' the fire

i see them
hanging around
kings without a crown
i see them
hanging around
kings without a crown

yeah they did it
for kicks
they didn't give a shit
about him

and i wondered
who would do this
to their brother
and i wondered
who was gonna
tell his mother

i saw him face down
face down
down on the ground
i saw him face down
face down
down on the ground

he was shot down
on the street
for the shoes
the shoes on his feet